About Us

We are a Guatemalan family that from the beginning, coffee has been part of our every day — every chance to enjoy a good cup of coffee, and the memorable moments behind it. We enjoy walking into new places, delighting ourselves with the varieties of coffee, assorted roasts, and unique grains, including every coffee shop’s authentic blends. Undoubtedly, the efforts made by these coffee farms and small businesses deserved reaching further than the community, and that is how “The Coffee City” was born. With “The Coffee City” not only are you obtaining exceptional products but also promoting the development of communities in which the economy is based on coffee plantations.  
Our goal is to gather and provide opportunities for coffee businesses to exhibit their products internationally. Ultimately, enabling you to pick products from the brands of your preference (regardless of the companies’ sizes) and get it freshly delivered to your door.   “The Coffee City” is not only another marketplace but a bridge of blessing between customers and producers, providing an advantage for both. #CoffeeCitizens
- Psalm 23 -