The Process Before Delivery

Why take time to shop around your local market for coffee when you can have some of the best beans on earth shipped right to your door? A whole lot happens between the time the coffee seedling is planted in the ground to the time you are enjoying a fresh cup on your porch in the morning.

What happens in these stages is imperative to the quality of the final product. One of the many things that make Guatemalan coffee so unique is the process that farmers go through to produce these delicious beans. Beginning from when they are ready to be harvested, most farmers, put the beans through a wet process. This means they are thoroughly washed with a large volume of water to remove the pulp and any other unnecessary parts of the plant. Following this step, the beans are put into tanks and fermented for a maximum of two days. Again they will be washed when done fermenting, and following this, the drying begins. Before you know it, the beans are ready to be packaged and delivered. The amount of work put into this process is reflected beautifully in the final product at your door.

Fresh To Your Door

So often, coffee beans sit on the shelves and grow stale or slowly lose their distinctive taste and punch. We are proud to say that our beans come directly from the farm where they are grown. They’re harvested, prepared, and shipped off from the same location in Guatemala to your house. By removing the middleman, we are able to ensure the absolute highest quality and level of freshness. There is genuinely no better way to buy your beans.

Coffee Cherry

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