Farm to door Coffee that you must try!

Acquiring quality coffee is truly an art form. When it comes to your morning (or afternoon) coffee, you need beans that will not only give you the boost you’re looking for but also offer an incredible taste that can be savored. Guatemalan coffee beans provide exactly this. Velvety and smooth elements combine with a slightly sweet, medium body in these one-of-a-kind beans. Check out some of our favorite reasons to love our Guatemalan coffee below.

Growing Conditions

One word that comes to mind when considering the climate of Guatemala is diverse. Some regions boast frequent rain and lush land while others offer arid soil with clay and limestone elements. This is the perfect amount of diversity in climate for the growth and maturation of coffee beans. The rich, volcanic soil found in many regions makes for an incredibly nutrient-dense base to grow these unique beans. The Antigua region is arguably the most well-known when it comes to beans from this country and for good reason. With three volcanoes nearby, the soil is continuously flooded with ash, making for remarkably fertile soil. When beans grow in soil such as this, they offer a more mineralized and high-quality taste that is truly unmatched. Another well-known growing region is Nuevo Oriente, which borders Honduras. With higher elevations, this region produces distinct levels of acidity in its beans that pair perfectly with their medium body. There are also numerous other growing regions in Guatemala that produce variations that you absolutely must try for yourself.



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